Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Clearwater Revisited

I'm a little behind in vlogs and blogs. My family came down for a week. I wanted to make sure that I spent time with them and limited my screen time. I have another vlog coming featuring all of us together during their visit! 

The weekend before my family came down Papa Smurf and I took the kids back to Clearwater Beach. The first time we went to Clearwater it was early December (2013). It was right before the transition to Floridian winter. The first cool day out of our whole trip that week, as it neared its end. Compared to our recent peak season visit, the beach was more like a ghost town. We were told that at peak season it was a totally different scene, as we browsed around a sunglass shop and snack bar. They were right and they were right!

Taken From December '13 Visit Starkly Different Scene from Peak Season Vlog

Taken From December '13 Visit Starkly Different Scene from Peak Season Vlog

Fast forward to Saturday June 27th, 2015. Yes, it was a totally different scene! The traffic was mad...crazy. It inched from the bridge where you are greeted by the Clearwater Beach tower sign through the traffic circle/ roundabout. The reasonably priced lots within close proximity to the main beach access were all full to capacity. We almost left because of the traffic and crowds, but the drive we had made, caused us to think twice. The boulevard was also full of pedestrians braving the streets like flocks of pigeons and gulls as opposed to humans  with the ability to reason. Cars were coming at a steady pace so crosswalks are definitely the safer and better bet. 

Why else were we so cranky? Well we went through the roundabout at least 3x and down the boulevard at least 2-3x trying to find parking. Not just one, not just two, but all 4 parking lots within closer proximity to the beach were full to capacity. Then we just gave up about 4+ blocks away and paid $20. We learned the hard way, why the locals do not go during this time of year (as Papa Smurf says--in the vlog--that he is always told to steer clear of Clearwater during this time of year and spring break). 

At Clearwater Beach, there is lots to see and do. In the vlog I have a clip of a couple of street performers, The Acromaniacs, Danny and Lady Q (a husband and wife gymnastics team). I even saw a street performer juggling knives (was not able to get footage of him though, sorry). I also noticed a performer dressed as Bumblebee from Transformers. Don't get me wrong about it at all. I love Clearwater. The beach itself along with its town get an A+ from me.It is a beautiful beach with powdery sand and that's one of the reasons why the crowds flock! There is also lots to do! Although, the crowding of peak season is a major deterrent for myself and my family. Maybe we will give the place a try during a weekday lull, but I am more adamant about waiting until peak season dies down. 


  • Lots to do
  • A number of places to grab a quick bite 
  • Beautiful beach with powdery sand and lots of space to spread out on the sand
  • Trollies (to take you around the area with a number of stops in town and to points of interest)
  • The Pier 60 playground (boasting 2 play pads and lots of space to romp (featured in vlog), pavilion and fishing pier (forgot your bait and rod at home, no problem)
  • Street performers entertaining adjacent to the playground and pavilion
  • Craft vendors on the pier selling all kinds of beach themed goodies
  • Lots of places to grab a quick bite, classic pizza parlors, coffee cafe and deli, seafood restaurants, there's a Hooters (don't judge me they have good wings to carry out), snack bars at Pier 60 and one that is also further down
  • The CVS that we stopped at that doubled as a souvenir shop (we found an extra sand pail and shovel for only $1.79).
  • Loads of watersports and cruises close by! Chartered deep sea fishing trips and excursions (parasailing, lunch and dinner cruise, pirate cruise, jet ski rentals just to name a few)

  • Very congested, congested traffic pattern (though improved its still problematic and can't accommodate the volume; needs work).
  • Limited parking

I love Clearwater so we'll be back. It will just be a while...quite a while. Subscribe and Thumbs up. Leave a comment to let me know you stop by. Hope you all enjoy the vlog!