Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stonewood Tavern and Grill

The morning sickness has subsided and I am well into the second trimester. I am feeling back to normal somewhat minus this extreme fatigue I have been feeling.

Julie and Jerry surprised me! They know how to work my Nikon all footage from about 2 vlogs I wanted to post are gone including my in-laws visit. Sorry guys. There was also footage from when we made Coca Cola ribs and a Shannon's Haul. It was also replaced with a 22 minute long video of them playing and making a vlog of their own. The Nikon is hidden and high up now.

I realized that I owe you all a review on Stonewood Tavern. It's good I waited. I went a second time, which is good to see if there is consistency in service and food. The second time was also with a group which lets you know how well or not so well a restaurant handles groups and accommodates.

Spontaneous Date Night. The ambiance here is everything. There is dim lighting and its not crowded. There was no wait. It has a neighborhood restaurant feel, a little bit of a lodge feel to it too. This is definitely a place where you can get cozy with that special someone. Take your time with apps and dinner; have drinks, snuggle up and talk for hours.
For starters I stuck to the pretzel bread sticks. They tasted like a homemade soft pretzels, not too much salt and as though they had been brushed down with pure butter. Light crunch on the outside but pillowy soft goodness on the inside.

I ordered a salad and prime rib with a loaded baked potato. The prime rib was PERFECT! The medium rare steak was perfectly seared, tender, beautiful color on the inside. The seasonings were simple but flavorful. The grill marks are there but you won't bite into any charred bits. Instead your palette is greeted by a rich smokey flavor that has reached the steak through and through. 

Girls Night Out. The second time around our group of 9 was accommodated and well cared for. Though we never made it to that party room. We were there for quite a few hours but not once did I feel rushed. I opted for an appetizer that night. I had the fried calamari. I remember telling the girls I just hope it doesn't look like frozen (onion) rings. They were great and also had jalapeƱo chips as an accompaniment. The calamari was lightly dusted and flash fried. Perfectly seasoned with salt and perhaps a peppercorn meddly; its served with a marinara and the calamari presented in the traditional way of rings and little squids with tentacles. It's one of my favorite apps and I was quite pleased. I also indulged in the pretzel bread again which hadn't changed a bit.

On our way out we were greeted by the General Manager and told that our group was welcome to return any time and anything we needed esp a reservation to let him know. I can't wait to go back for more pretzel bread and to try the buffalo shrimp!