Friday, January 8, 2016

Cinebistro Magnifico and The Holidays!

Cinebistro Magnifico...!

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary the Friday after the date December 10th. We ended up going to Cinebistro at The Grove in Wesley Chapel. First off, we couldn't believe that something like this actually exists and it's brilliant! WOW! We didn't have anything like this back home in Maryland while we lived there. However, I have read that they recently opened a location in Baltimore.

We got there a little late (you should arrive 30 minutes early) but they still had great seats available. We chose our seats on a touch screen. Then our fancy gold and black tickets were printed out and we were sent on our way. Upon entering service was in high gear, most guests already had their appetizers, entrees, and desserts. As soon as we entered, an usher showed us to our seats. We were both given menus (<---- you can check out the menu there) and a waitress explained how the service works. The seats...OMG! Large, extra cushion, leather (or something close to lol), you can just melt in the seats! The seating looks and feels more like someone's posh home theater than a commercial movie theater. In being explained to about the way the service works, we were informed that you receive your appetizer, entree, and dessert all at once. The wait staff does not disturb you once the movie starts or thereafter. We ordered...Mango Habanero Wings, Bistro Burger with Fries, Spareribs Stack in Cherry Coke BBQ Sauce, and the Chocolate Cinecake for dessert. Don't judge us, we're pregnant and it was our anniversary! There is a 17% gratuity that is included, it's not a cheap date but well worth the money in our opinion (at least for a change of your typical dinner and a movie pace). Our total came up to about $75 including gratuity, this did not include the movie tickets which came up to about $35. Our food was out by the time the commercials started but well before the movie itself started so they have speedy service.

The food is superb! I would rank it at 4.5-5* quality. Very artistic plating and the food looks exactly as pictured on the menu. I'm sorry I wanted to take pictures but was not sure of the rules and didn't want to get put out. Details, it's the details like a chocolate lattice around the Cinecake and chocolate filling in the fresh raspberries that accompany it that make it special and a stand out. The wait staff are neatly dressed an have a polished appearance in crisp white shirts, dark slacks, ties and bowties. Once again you are not disturbed once the show starts! Candy and popcorn are also offered along with fountain drinks, cocktails, beer, and hot beverages like coffee, espresso, hot chocolate and cappucino. I can't wait to return here for more dates, dinner and a movie will never be the same for us again!

Get there early. Check out the menu before you arrive, they have alot of choices!

The Holidays...

Christmas went well for us this year. I decided to skip pictures of Christmas (morning) and recorded video of the kids on Christmas morning instead. They woke us up at about 7:45 am! So, the next vlog includes clips from Juliana's winter concert and Christmas morning. I really wanted to include making our prime rib roast in the Christmas mini series but it ended in a #Fail. My advice if you are cooking a prime rib roast, don't bother searing on high heat in the oven or possibly at all. However if you do decide to sear do it on your cooktop better safe than sorry! I will repost that recipe at a later time. Our vlog posting schedule is sporadic and not set yet so if you would like to keep up be sure to subscribe. Though, we are working on schedules for things. 

Anyways, New Years was very chill, we spent the night in, had a good dinner and snacks. Still no champagne for me but we did have Cranberry Ginger Ale, everyone was sold out of Martinelli's :( But I was more than content with that it took me back to my childhood days of ordering Shirley Temples whenever we went to weddings or similar venues with a bar.

Happy New Year to you all! And I hope you enjoyed your holidays!