Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Get Her To (Eat) Greek…

I had been on a mission to find a “gyro place” here. The first place I tried, I struck out at, since it gave me some tummy issues. I won’t reveal the name of the culprit unless asked. Last week, well now a little over a week ago, I had the pleasure of trying out “The Hungry Greek” in Seven Oaks/ Wesley Chapel. Let me tell you, that I loved it so much I went twice in one week! I love a good gyro with pillow soft warm pita bread, fresh crisp lettuce, chopped onions, warm gyro (shaved lamb) meat, creamy rich tzatziki sauce, and feta. On my first visit I had “The Hungry Pita”. You have options as follows with this item, chicken, gyro, or falafel; the pita comes loaded with hummus, lettuce, plum tomatoes, feta, olives (had to be kalamata), and tzatziki. There motto is “Authentic Greek food. Made fresh.” Truthful advertising that reigned true for both visits.
They give large and generous portions. The pita came with  a generous amount of gyro meat (no skimping or stinginess here). The lettuce does not overpower nor is it over abundant but just enough. The hummus is subtle, it’s there but you won’t notice it much unless you are looking for its distinctive texture. It gets lost with the feta and creamy tzatziki sauce. However, all married together and the union of both textures and flavors is near perfect. The bite of the onion is just enough to compliment the flavor of the gyro meat. The crispy lettuce and tomato gives it the freshness. The tzatziki has the perfect balanced mix of cucumber, dill and Greek yogurt. The Greek yogurt and dill are the stars of the sauce show. The pita is large enough to split with someone or enough for one hungry pita eater.
On our second visit, we ordered a large Greek salad. It was “GINORMOUS” and more than enough for Papa Smurf and I to share with our dinner. On the second trip, the scene on Saturday was starkly different from the lull of midweek late afternoon. On Saturday night, the place was jam packed, and there was a wait. I highly recommend calling ahead on the weekend in order to beat the rush or lessen your wait time. Anyways, the large Greek salad by itself was enough for a family of 4 to each have a side portion. The salad comes with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, beets, pepperoncinis, green peppers and potato salad topped with feta. Yes! I said potato salad lol. In the midst of the “veggie dump” you almost get lost in it and forget about the potato salad. But then it appears almost out of nowhere at the bottom of your scoops, a pleasant surprise. It’s a real filler! I added grilled chicken to our salad, which was very juicy and tender with a perfectly grilled taste. Not over salted or bland. I loved the creamy Greek dressing, Papa Smurf preferred the vinaigrette. My favorite standouts in the salad were the pepperoncinis and kalamata olives. I would say the salad is probably the best confirmation of their motto. Everything tasted so fresh! So I think I have found my gyro place now; and Papa Smurf loves a good salad so he plans to return for the salad. It’s a win-win for the Taylors!
You can check out The Hungry Greek Here:
~~Stay tuned for my next post on Kuchi Sushi~~

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