Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Wheels Keep Turning and the Grill Keeps Burning!

We Grill! And you know you probably grill alot when the neighbors take notice. I notice a couple that consistently come outside to sit on their patios and watch now. Alot stop and speak.

I was craving pizza last week but I’m a pizza snob. Yes, I’m a pizza snob and particular when it comes to my pie. There are some chains I just don’t care for but I won’t list them here. It’s nothing personal it’s me, not them. I just prefer Italian or New York style, oh and I like brick oven too. Jerry wanted “Little Seasons” as he calls it. But I knew that I wanted to make the pizza ourselves. We always walk past the fresh dough in the deli/ bakery section of our neighborhood Publix but with each passing by my glance would linger as my creative mind would wander about the thoughts of homemade pizza for the night. Then Papa Smurf snaps me out of it. Either that or one of the two screaming children pulls me back into the grocery mission; the list we already have or the dinner we've already planned.

Before last week's trip to the grocery, I was online on two of the hubs of my creative inspiration...Pinterest and the Food Network App. I came across grilled pizza! I was like *in Kevin Hart's voice "Wait a minute...Wait a minute!" Grilled pizza!? I thought of like every #Fail under the keys of a Google fueled search. What if the dough falls through the grates? What if the dough sticks to the grates? Without a the heck am I going to get it off of there? Shrugged all of that off and went over the Youtube where I learn alot of things, like knitting (successful self taught knitter since 2008). What can I say I'm a visual learner and I thank God for that gift! Anyways, I watched this video to get the technique down pat. Then we headed out to Publix to get the the dough and toppings. Papa Smurf just wanted to keep it simple, which thinking back was smart, since it was our first time trying out the technique. So we just stuck to pepperoni, fresh basil, mozzarella, marinara sauce. 

Things I did differently...

The obvious dead giveaway, we use a charcoal grill. What can I say I love the smokey flavor of the charcoal grill better. 

I oiled both sides of the dough with extra virgin olive oil instead of using a non stick spray; I did the same for the grill grates. Check out that dough bubbling up. Kind of startling for a first timer but it was all good! Once it bubbles up it's solid and easy to turn/ flip over (just like pancakes :))

 Since we are working over a charcoal flame, I move the pizza over to get indirect heat and put the toppings on it to keep the crust from burning. I close the lid to let the cheese melt.

Here's how ours turned out once finished! Not bad for a first time!

I love this technique! It tastes JUST LIKE brick oven pizza! And I love brick oven pizza so we will definitely be grilling pizza again some time soon. Papa Smurf wants to make a seafood pizza next time. Will you be brave and try grilling your next homemade pizza?

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