Thursday, June 25, 2015

St. Pete Beach (Not Your Sleepy Beach Town)...

If you are looking for a sleepy, quiet, or lazy beach town then St. Pete Beach is not for you. There is a busy strip with plenty to do. There are lots of hotels and condos. The Loews Don CeSar is also featured in my vlog, it's a large beautiful salmon pink building that resembles a palace (you can't miss it). The main beach access is off from the Gulf Boulevard, which is the busy strip that I am speaking of. There are big name franchises like Chick-Fil-A, the grocery store (publix), Dollar Tree, and a Japanese Steakhouse is right across the street from main beach access too. There are also several bars and restaurants that line the Gulf Boulevard as well. This was a quick visit so we didn't explore as much. 

View from our lounge chair(s)

As soon as you step foot on the sand, you are greeted by people offering to sell you beach furniture rentals ($25 and under), cabanas and lounge chairs with umbrellas. Between the crazy aggressive and gangster seagulls, if you forgot yours then you better consider renting one to at least try to thwart them off some. However, it's no guarantee, there is still a risk; if you watch our vlog closely you can see the dark shadow of the seagull on the sand as he swooped in under the umbrella and swiped my husband's chicken wing right from the plate in his hand. In the footage, I also get him flying away from close range. The seagulls here are very bold and aggressive. They have no fear and its very concerning just how aggressive they are. Something really should be done about them. Like maybe they can have some biologists come in and survey their behavior and the area. Then perhaps develop a sanctuary if they haven't already where they can be diverted elsewhere for population control. I get that they are in their natural habitat but the level of aggression is concerning and for the most part it's not like people are intentionally feeding them either. I didn't get any additional footage of others, besides ourselves, who nearly had their fingers pecked off as food was ripped from their hands but it was a regular occurrence throughout the day. Followed by swarming and loud squawking and not in the cute Finding Nemo "Mine! Mine! Mine!" scene, nope once again these guys are like a John Singleton flick. Bring food at your own risk! You have been warned!

The sand is soft and powdery in most areas though, there are spots that are covered with sharp, jagged shells. One pierced through the heel of my foot. Ouch! Keep on the flip flops and aqua socks and no one gets hurt! The water is a gorgeous, pristine, emerald green and turquoise blue. It's quite warm, the waves come in and out; they are quite thrilling and just the right speed for kids and adult kids. The TradeWinds Resort is the home of the giant water slide that I also shared in the vlog. The slide provided hours of fun for the resort patrons. There are some watersports close by including parasailing, water tricycles, and jet skis. 

The only downside to this venue was having to pay for parking. Feed the meter because there are patrol cars making their rounds regularly, and they are ready to ticket and tow! We will definitely be back to St. Pete Beach. It's a great beach spot for families. We saw lots of families and 20 somethings while we were there. It's a picturesque beach, great for sun bathing, chilling, playing, a good time to be had by all. 

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