Sunday, October 18, 2015

What's The Worst Thing That Can Happen To A Food Blogger?

Wow! First of all I can't believe that it's been like two months since my last blog post. So what's the worst thing that can happen to a food blogger? You may ask after seeing that title. Morning sickness! 

And just as the meme says I had it ALL DAY! From August up until a week ago. By now, a good amount of you (those that follow our personal pages on Facebook) know that we are expecting Surprise Baby #3. Yes! Surprise! Because we didn't plan it and the shock still has not wore off, I don't think it will until I am actually holding the baby or these subtle bubbles and flutters I feel turn into kicks. For that three month long stretch I have suffered and fought a losing battle to Morning BKA All Day Sickness and fatigue. It had been downright debilitating and mood altering (in a downward spiral kind of way). The nausea and the dizziness started as early as waking up by 8am or as late as the wee hours of 3am! Notice I say start time! Then it would last intermittently throughout the day; coming in waves (crashing) and spells. The couch became my oyster and only place of comfort. Things went down but didn't stay down. And we won't even visit the smell aversions (like Papa Smurf's deodorant). Your favorite foods turn on you, they smell awful, or their texture is off, or you just hate the smell of them and it all seems like some cruel joke.

I have felt really bad neglecting my blog and vlog but between the sickness and the smell aversions it really made cooking impossible, especially trying new recipes, even dining out, and it lowered my motivation. There has only been enough of me left to do hubby, kids, and home barely; oh and a Design Group for women that I joined to meet every week at church. But honestly the last thing was to try to give myself some life and work on me. And there is alot of truth to that BARELY! My poor husband was often left looking (on) just like this...
"Or if your parents to come and visit, from the night of my birthday or throughout the remainder of the week!" Not when I feel like I've been on one of those sick looking carnival rides named the Zipper or Apple Turnover and my head feels like there is a little man with a jackhammer in it giving me a migraine...#AllDay. And my house looks like Hurricane Katrina sans flooding!

Anyways, now that the comical rant is over let me make this productive. I am now in week 15 and have entered the second trimester (*cheers!). Here is how I survived:

1. Smoothies
Early on I was determined! Like "I'm gonna beat this thing! It's not gonna beat me!" I pulsed frozen fruit, yogurt, ice, and spring mix greens every morning before heading out to the bus stop by 8:45 am with Julie and Jerry in tow for the 15 minute power walk it takes. I felt fabulous (though it was short lived). My favorite combo was strawberry, pineapple, and banana with strawberry yogurt. I also learned that once the little peanut started causing me to have the "insatiable hunger" that trips to Smoothie King on the run and asking for a scoop of protein worked wonders to fill me up and give a boost. And its safe.

2.  Eat Bland and Dry
I would eat dry granola, Homestyle popcorn, Cheerios, toast, saltines, or a baked potato with only salt and butter. If you want to get full, go for that baked potato with the salt and butter!

3. Protein, Protein, Protein! 
String cheese sticks (mozzarella based), cheese and crackers became my best friend and go to early on. Steaks (simply seasoned) and burgers also worked to curb the emergent insatiable hunger that came in between bouts with "All Day".

4. Soup and Tea
There is nothing more comforting than a hot cup of tea or a warm bowl of soup when you feel alot less than your best. I made a homemade mint tea with fresh mint leaves and it gave me life! I brewed the leaves (about a handful) in hot water, steeped them for 3 minutes with a little sugar. It tasted so good and really soothed my tummy. Hot chunky chicken noodle soup, with just white breast chicken chunks, celery, carrot, in their own little broth (ok, ok, I had Campbell's lol). But it worked! Especially on those tough evenings where I was sick but needed something hearty.

5. REST! 
If you are going through this right now please realize that you are NOT superwoman. If you can't beat it, sleep through it. And that's what I did most days, as my ability to tolerate my breakfast favorites like bacon, eggs, and smoked ham waned. The nausea and dizziness kicked in and nothing stayed down, I just gave up and slept through. It worked and though I woke a little groggy the nausea and dizziness had diminished greatly. I had a little more energy and was able to reward myself with nice lunches. I learned to delegate things to Papa Smurf, more than I wanted to but I realized I needed his help. Enlist your DH (Darlin' Hubby) or partner to help with meals, meal planning, and cleaning. Exercise the little "no's" here and there to preserve yourself so that you can take care of yourself, your growing baby, and still have something to spread to your husband and other children if you have them; focus on what's really important.

As I enter week 15, I can see the rainbow and the pot of gold up ahead. The sun is breaking through the clouds. What are some of your "Go To's", tips, and tricks for surviving the morning sickness stage of pregnancy?

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