Friday, August 14, 2015

The Fresh Market...Salmon 2 Ways...And Your Pro Kitchen...

Finally taking some much needed time out to post. When I last left off we vlogged while at The Fresh Market and later on the grill at poolside as we prepared "Salmon Two Ways".  

I prepared a Tzatziki marinated salmon, and I made a spice rub for the other salmon steak that mirrored my chili lime rub. Both the marinade and the rub are very versatile, I highly recommend both on either fish or chicken. 

As for The Fresh Market, it never gets old, at least not yet. I saw a few new vendors in rotation. On the other hand, I think that they should get rid of the inflatable play at the end of the "Fresh Market Row"/ Boulevard; banish them back into the open grassy area on the outskirts of the parking lot where they usually are. It's not safe on the street pavement #1, and #2 it's just awkward placement especially since they are charging money $. 

After that day that we vlogged, the weather was a total wash out for the next 2 weeks! It rained non stop! We were on the luckier side of the county, the west side did not fare well at all. Their was high standing water, mandatory evacuations, a river swelled, the city also suffered high standing water. They are still dealing with the damage now. We didn't vlog or go out much during that time between soggy days and no batteries for the camera. I really wish I vlogged our visit to Your pro Kitchen, we got caught in a downpour on that day too. Anyways, Your pro Kitchen is a commercial kitchen space that was recommended to us by Foodie Finances. The owners Jan and Jack were very nice. They gave us a wealth of information, a long list with an information packet that comes standard with the lease information and policy.
  1. How to DBA with Sunbiz
  2. Where to get an IRS EIN
  3. Where to get business cards
  4. Insurance (a Local firm providing insurance to food service based businesses
  5. Local CPA, Bookkeeper, and Lawyer
  6. Where to get printed labels for products locally
  7. SIgns, banners, decals, wraps for autos, hats, shirts, etc
  8. Where to obtain a food safety certification
  9. Where to get bottling and containers for your products
  10. Where and what to get for proper food permits
  11. Where to find local farmer's markets
  12. Which authority to ask about collection of sales tax
Jan and Jack were happy to answer all of our questions and were open to have conversation with us to build rapport. They both showed a genuine interest in our business and how we intended to use their space. They wanted to get a good feel for who we are and where we were going with this. They seemed really impressed with the fact that we cook from scratch as many do not these days. Papa Smurf has commercial kitchen experience and has spent a considerable amount of time in a commercial kitchen so I took his evaluation of the space to heart. He said that it was basic, but ample enough for what we needed. It would definitely meet our needs. 

As for the checklist and other things, we have covered alot of ground so far. I recently passed my Serv Safe Food Manager exam! And secured a "new to me" set of wheels. Alot is going on behind the scenes and there are things I can't yet reveal/ divulge to you all just yet; So stay tuned and buckle up! ;-)


  1. Congrats on your new vehicle and your exam! You guys have come such a long way, and I'm so proud of you.

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